Elite Commercial


Commercial Vehicles for Driving Your Business

Utility and value. A range of robust commercial vehicles that add
efficiency and versatility on the job.

We Keep Your Business Moving.

Your business is your priority. Our priority is you.


  • In-stock vehicles available on the spot
  • A diverse range of in-stock vehicles ready for commercial usel.
  • Free oil changes for two years with the purchase of a new vehicle.
  • With our business solutions, get your storage system free. That’s a value of $2,657!
  • Get a $750 credit on accessories (Ex: Trailer hitch, tinted windows, remote starter, etc...)
  • We’ll pay for your vehicle’s graphics with purchase
  • A priority service and ready-to-use replacement vehicles.


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Our Commercial Elite Dealership is at Your Service

Our Commercial account specialists will ensure that you get all the help and service that you need. They will work with you to guarantee that your vehicles are ideal for your business needs. Our specialists are experts in their field and each offers an attentive service that goes above and beyond what most dealers can offer.

Our Express Commercial service offers priority service and ready-to-use replacement vehicles so that if something goes wrong, your work won’t be interrupted. We are well aware that vehicle repairs can put your business on pause. Commercial Elite, however, can offer you on-the-spot replacement vehicles so that you can continue working.

Business Solutions that Match Your Needs

We offer cash rebates on personalized layouts or customization for your vehicle to suit your business needs. Enjoy cash rebates for your customization or a cash bonus for GM accessories.

Our Business Solutions offers can be combined with our retail offers in order to build up a well-priced fleet, all while respecting your budget and helping you increase your profit.